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Teleport to poolside life, dreamy palms swaying in the hot wind, a surreal desert backdrop clashes with modernist architecture - is this real or are we dreaming? Welcome to Palmy Springs!

Made using 40% recycled plastic bottles
Single sided print
The perfect size 78 x 173cm (30.5" x 86")
Sand repellent
Pet hair resistant
Super absorbent
Quick dry
Moisture activated slip resistance
Butter soft
Packs down small
Lightweight 0.5 kg (17 oz)

Introducing a limited edition run of towels from HERD's sister brand, Gomboc.

Perfect as beach towels, yoga mats or throws, these single-sided towels are compact, quick-drying, sand-repellent, absorbent, lightweight and slip-resistant. 

They are made using 40% recycled plastic bottles, and use no toxic dyes.

Created between Rio, California and Mexico, these beautiful and practical towels are the brainchild of our talented principal designer Alenka.