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Copy of Sustainability

HERD was set up to solve a problem.  The problem of waste plastic.  We are inspired by the idea that what people consider to be waste is actually a material ready to be reinvented into a new role.  Here are a few highlights of what we do right now. As we learn and grow we will always find new ways to do stuff.

Recycled Plastic



HERD bags are made from woven polypropylene (WPP) which is strong, light, wipe clean, and easily recycled. All our new products use 100% recycled plastic material which draws from plastic bottles already in circulation. Each bag contains the equivalent of about 16 plastic bottles. Some of our older products use 30% recycled material, which was the maximum available to us at the time. Very soon when those stocks have run out, all of our products will use 100% recycled plastic and as new recycled materials come onto market, we will explore using those too. 

Funding Ocean Plastic Clean-Up

Since August 2020 we have removed 1kg of ocean plastic for every bag we have sold.  We do this through our NGO partner Empower and tech partner Verdn. Empower's platform allows marginalised communities to generate an income through collecting waste plastic for recycling. Verdn allows our customers to track the impact their purchase has, through a unique tracking dashboard.

Recycling Your Well-loved HERD Bags


HERD bags are designed to bring colour and utility to every day. They are hard-wearing but they don't live forever; a well-loved HERD bag will get crinkled and worn. Eventually, when it's ready for retirement, send it back to us and we'll recycle it, and send you a new one for 50% of the full price. Just drop us an email when the time comes:

HERD is restless

We're a small start-up, and thanks to the support of our customers, we'll be able to achieve more and more as we grow, and as technology evolves - making everything about what and how we do, better. Watch this space.