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About Us

Those who carry everyone's hopes, dreams and clobber. 
Those who pack more in, but tread more lightly. 
HERD. Recycled Bags for a Colourful Life. 
We all HERD.  The commute, the school run, the shops, the picnic, the festival, the beach, the sports field.  HERD bags are for all people who need to carry stuff, for themselves or for others.  A fleece in case it turns cold, gym kit under your desk, the quick shop for everything you left off the online order, towels for the beach, the five things you grab in the minute before you leave the house, the foldable shopper for when your luggage is overweight…it's a long list.


HERD was started by Nancy Powell to create the perfect bag for all these people, and all these occasions.  It needed to be colourful, beautiful, functional and affordable - and above all, it needed to use recycled materials.


With a background in sustainability, and as Chief Herder to three kids, Nancy has sought like-minded designers, retailers, and customers to join HERD's mission:

To Create Recycled Bags for a Colourful Life.


It's early days, but we are constantly delighted and grateful for the progress - and friendships! - we've made; from our wonderfully talented principal designer Alenka, to the sisterhood (and some brothers) of collaborators we've met along the way, the journos who have said nice things, stockists from Seoul to Sligo to San Francisco, and our thousands of followers and customers who have voted with their likes, loves and lolly. 

Thank you for reading this far. Hope you'll join the HERD.