Q: Where can I buy your bags?

Online at herdbags.com 

Or in-store at:


House of Illustration, London

Emslie, Altrincham Market

Bunka, Forest Hill

Mar Mar, Margate

Unlimited, Brighton

The Red Door Gallery, Edinburgh

Fred Aldous, Manchester


MoMA, San Francisco

Matter Really Matters, Hong Kong

Dayglow, Seoul, South Korea

Q: How can I recycle your bags? When your HERD bag reaches the end of its life we would like you to return the bag to us, at our expense, so that we can separate the cotton, zips and woven polypropylene and recycle them. Please use the email address below so we can organise postage to retrieve your HERD bag and accept 50% off your next order with HERD for using this service.  


 Q: Are there other designs? We launched with three designs and the full collection is now eight designs.  We will slowly introduce other designs to the collection and also adapt existing designs into different formats.  For example, the large Eye tote bag also available as a small tote bag.  At the forefront of our minds in manufacture is waste, we don't wish to get into a cycle of seasons or quarterly launches just because, we would rather manufacture great designs that stand the test of time and retail them until they are gone.  

 Q: What are your bags made from? HERD bags are made from woven polypropylene (WPP). WPP has been widely adopted for functional features; weight bearing, wipe clean, light and easily recycled. HERD bags have all these qualities and are also made from a minimum of 30% recycled material. This means that 30% of the WPP in HERD products draws from clothing and waste plastic already in circulation. Our ambition is to work with our supplier to increase the % of recycled content in our bags as well as consistently move towards emerging materials with increasingly sustainable properties.

Q: Who do you collaborate with?  HERD is committed to sustainability and flexibility, the expertise that has brought the brand to life has mostly come from a group of women working flexibly, our Designer Alenka is far away in Rio!  As such we look to collaborate with other like minded brands and individuals wherever the opportunity presents itself and wherever you are.